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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 16, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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good morning. it's friday. here's what's coming up on "early today." a new story about national security that takes snooping and oversight to a whole new level. march of anger, that's what today is being called in egypt as the country braces for new violence. kidnapped teen hannah anderson surs publicly just days after being rescued. plus, an 8-month-old escapes mostly unharmed in a high speed chase. a major dog food recall to tell you about. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 16th. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. -- i'm richard lui.
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we begin with an unsettles report this morning about the national security agency report onnedly breaching privacy rules thousands of times each year. "the washington post" reports the nsa has broken those rules or overstepped legal authority since 2008. a may 2012 audit obtained by the post counted more than 2,700 sdenlts in the pryor 12 months alone, most of them involved the unauthorized surveillance of americans or former intelligence targets in the united states. they range from significant violations of law to typos resulted in the unintended interception of communication. in a statement the nsa said in part, quote, when the nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign intelligence mission, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal otherseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. the post says edward snowden provided them the documents earlier this summer. in a statement, meanwhile, he said the media is being, quote, misled about his situation. snowden says his father and his father's wife's attorney do not
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represent him in any way. >> turning now to egypt, marches are planned for today. right now, more than 600 protesters are confirmed dead in those clashes with security forces and president obama has issued a stern rebuke to egypt's leader. it's now 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon there, any kind indication of more violence today? good morning, just a short while ago friday prayers wrapped up. members of the muslim brotherhood and others called for a day of rage and marches. there have been no reports of clashes or violence yet. we're expecting the day to be very long. the police have deployed the military and personnel carriers to protect government installations.
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the minister of interior said he also advised security to use live rounds to protect government building if is a very combustible atmosphere here. right now there are no efforts to try and diffuse the situation. a lot of rhetoric coming out from the government and supporters of the muslim brotherhood. >> firefighters continue battling raging firefighters in the west. near park city, utah, there have been mandatory evacuation orders. firefighters are getting the upper hand with the blaze being 50% contained. it's not just utah. firefighters in at least nine states are facing historic conditions. hannah anderson made her
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first public appearance. she did not say a word as she arrived at a fund-raiser for her family thursday, but her father spoke on her behalf. >> hannah sends her love. she's doing good day by day. we'll just keep moving forward from here. court papers detail dozens of items seized from james dimaggio's home. they include letters from hannah, a hand cuff box and fire bombs. the documents did not elaborate on the letters or the nature of the devices. they say james dimaggio exchanged about 13 call wes hannah before killing her mother and her brother. from the movie "independence day" to x-files," people have long speculated about the site known as area 51. for now, the government is officially recognizing area 51 and its location about 120 miles northwest of las vegas. but no confirmation of ufos or spaceships.
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they say the site was used for aerial surveillance programs and it was kept secret to hide it from the soviets. the republican national committee is expected to vote today on a boycott of nbc and cnn. it's all over planned documentaries on hillary clinton. despite gop demands to drop them as unfair, rnc officials have threatened to ban nbc and cnn from primary presidential debates in 2016. an 8-month-old boy is safe after being kidnapped and taken on a 100-mile-per-hour chase. police were able to knock the car off the road, forcing is suspect to flee on toot. the child was unharmed and may have even slept through the entire ordeal. now for a look at the weather, i'm joined by bill karins.
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amazing video and the kid was okay, possibly even sleeping. >> and hopefully going to a safe home. >> yesterday was salt lake city it was nearly 100 degrees. the record was 101. boise was 99. and that is because of the front that's along the coast. a middle morning, not much significant to talk about there. this map in the best is about as blank as you get for this or any time of year. richard thinks he could do this job. so as far as the high pressure goes, it sits off of the rockies. it will keep you cloudy and cooler than we have been in the west. the temperatures will hold. if we start complaining about upper 70s and cloudy in the
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northwest you know you had a good summer. look at this, 100s continuing. so many fires in a lot wine. >> monterey, california 68. san diego 74. >> here i am just sitting back enjoying that. >> absolutely clear, no one can ever replace your three decades of experience. >> a great grandmother is the latest to accuse the mayor of sexual harassment.
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welcome back, federal investigators have retrieves the audio recorders from the ups plane that crashed. now a 67-year-old great grandmother has come forward with claims of sexual harassment. >> on the day that mayor filner grabbed me and kissed me, i was so surprised. i went home and cried. i just felt so sad. i was just not sure how to take this contact, but it was very disturbing to me. >> at least nine other women have accused filner of sexual harassment. california transportation officials have approves a plan
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to open a new portion of the bridge. the new $6.4 million bridge will be only six years behind schedule. the white house will have solar panels installed on the roof of the white house this week. certain brands of iam srkhave b recalled for on-- and budweiser is now the king of emergency rooms. 15% of patients in the er, due
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to alcohol related causes, were drinking budweiser. turning now to business where stocks are on course for the worst week in four months, but on the flip side, the labor department says weekly jobless claims are at their lowest level since october 2007. that's good news, but it signals that the federal reserve will cut back on its $85 billion a month purchase causing stocks to drop. for the first time, o'hare is checking out a new passport for travelers. the new system is saving about 15 minutes per traveler. here is a report out this morning regarding a preliminary deal between sony and viacom. the plan would allow viacom to scrip traditional pay tv providers and stream content directly over the internet. the ceo of struggling
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blackberry could make a cool $55 million if the company is sold and he gets fired. the stock spikes this week on rumors of that sale. next season, major league baseball may have an extensive instant replay review process on almost everything except balls and strikes. the teams would vote on the proposal in november. next, we'll have all of your sports highlights.
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welcome back. we want to say happy anniversary to one of our own here at nbc news. andrea mitchell is celebrating 35 years with the network. she started in 1978 when jimmy carter was in the white house and the senate was debating a bill on tuition tax credit. >> the president has said he is against any form of tuition tax credit. but now he cannot simply veto it on constitutional grounds. if he does carry out the veto, senate supporters say they may have enough votes to override. andrea mitchell, nbc news, the capital. hardest working person in
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network news. now let's get to the latest in sports. a rod says members of his inner circle leaked the names of other players implicated in the investigation. a-rod denies any knowledge of that story. the ravens joe flacco starts with a beauty to torre smith in the preseason game, a smoking 77 yard sprint, but after that great seven points, the ball bouncing, recovered by atlanta, but not so long. atlanta gets the possession after that, but not the win. the san diego chargers and chicago bears, matt forte, jay cutler tosses to the normally clutch back. watch him printing for the end
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zone but he gets caught at the five yard line. tim tebow. the angels save face by a sweep. al f alfonzo soriano gets a hit. good hands, my friendthe giants snap a seven-game losing street. the love affair continues. jason dufner with another tweet pic. not enough football, arena football takes their aportable
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ticket prices left. they are now the l.a. kiss. the games will be like the concerts. thrilling, heart pounding action. 300 very naked people ran a 900 foot course through the zoo. they got about $93,000 raised. they were so excited and they all really got behind this. just ahead, duck dynasty fans set a record.
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welcome back, if you have a three day weekend or you're heading out for the weekend, there is a lot of fires out there so know where you're going. there is extreme heat and dry humidity levels. as we go there saturday there is a chance of a shower, clouds lingering in portland. it will not rain out anyone's weekend, just more of the same out there, not a lot of changes this weekend. >> i enjoy your friday forecast the most because we're talking about the weekend. >> it's a little added spice. >> in entertainment now, a three-way box office battle
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between two biopics and a super hero flix. andy cohen host of bravos "watch what happens live" cohen said he didn't feel right as a ga man stepping foot in russia. his royal badness is now tweeting. he pictured this here, a picture of a salad. that is a selfie, it is supposedly a close up of his hair. >> he has some work to do. >> "duck dynasty" shattered
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records with it's premier. the massive audience was the largest for a cable tv reality show ever. and thousands travelled to graceland for the 36th anniversary of the king's death. >> good evening. elvis presley died today, he was 42, apparently of a heart attack. >> do you remember his death? >> i'm too young. but it is another memory. we hope this is your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading today's "atlanta journal constitution." he is best remembered for coining the afraid "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." and darren young announces he is ga. he is the first pro wrestling star in a major organization to admit he is gay. stricter controls, trainer es, and improved tracking of complaints, in response, kristen gillibrand said the pentagon taking action is a good thing,
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but it is not the leap forward required to solve the problem. a warning for swimmers. be weary of swimming in fresh water. two 12-year-olds, a boy from florida and a girl from arkansas are currently fighting this very rare infection. scientists made a rather adorable discovery. researches realized it was a new breed when it was not able to mate with other olingos. there are some in the u.s. as well. >> it has some claws on it. >> and very small. >> sounds like a drink in the summer. time now for a look ahead. schools open today in moore,
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oklahoma. a decision is due today on medical marijuana in new jersey. governor chris chrisraigslishri expected to say whether or not he will sign it. happy birthday to madonna, kathie lee gifford. coming up, luke bryan performs life on the plaza, and this sunday, after a federal judge stopped the stop and frisk policy, david gregory will sit down with ray kelly. keep it here for more news and sports. thanks for watching, have a great weekend.
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we are following a developing story in the south bay. a man leaps from an overpass and drops at least 20 feet to try to get away from police. why he was on the run next. plus an apology, but no plans to change. a peninsula private school says yes, it is sorry about tieing up local roads, but lit not be dropping enrollment as a result. what it's planning to do instead. a road warning from police as thousands of cyclist prepare to flood south bay streets tonight. right now let's take you live outside for a picturesque shot, lots of colors dancing there over san francisco getting us started, the final day of the workweek. it is friday, august 16. this is "today in the bay."


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